Premier Colloque MICROSCOPE

1st Colloquium

Testing the Equivalence Principle - From the basis of General Relativity to a key to Quantum Gravity

Palaiseau, 19 September 2011


Theoretical Motivations for tests of the weak equivalence principle (WEP)



 T. Damour: "Theoretical Aspects of the Equivalence Principle" 

C. Lämmerzahl: "On the meaning of the Equivalence Principle" 

C. Cohen-Tannoudji: "Gravitational red shift. Atomic clocks versus atomic gravimeters"  

Ways of testing WEP

 J. Gundlach: "Torsion Balance Equivalence Principle Tests at the University of Washington" 

T. Sumner: "The STEP and GAUGE missions" 

 E. Rasel: "Interferometry with matter waves in extended free fall" 

A. Landragin: "Testing the equivalence principle with atom interferometry: the ICE experiment and the QUEST project"  


Microscope: Status and Context

P. Touboul and G. Métris: "The WEP experiment of the MICROSCOPE mission" 

H. Selig: "Free fall payload test environment and mission simulation" 

D. Hagedorn: "Microscope Test Mass Fabrication - Challenges and Achievements" 

A. Atzei: "The Gaia micro propulsion system and its application for Microscope" 

H. Dittus: "From an experimental idea to a satellite" 

S. Léon-Hirtz: "Microscope status at CNES"